New digital curator helps with history class

By Jennifer Helgren

Virtual history exhibits with Joshua Salyers

In the spring semester, students in Dr. Helgren’s Digital Narratives will create Omeka based virtual exhibits about the history of the Delta, the triangular region along the Sacramento River that knits together Stockton, Sacramento, and San Francisco and includes the University of the Pacific. Visitors will peruse historical documents and images as well as explore teaching modules that will bring local history alive in area classrooms. The University has hired a digital curator, Joshua Salyers, to manage and curate the Digital Delta website featuring these student exhibits. He will be helping out in the course. Salyers has expertise in digital history, cultural history, and Latin American history. His research on the Mexico City neighborhood of Tepito led him to use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs to produce 3D-model reconstructions of vecindades, tenement housing that served as a site of local resistance to government urban reforms. His project helped recreate a lost architecture and enabled Salyers to think about history in new ways.



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